Friday, 6 June 2014

6th June - No Original Thought

Thursday was a nice evening, and with it dry through the night I decided once again to put the moth trap out.  I also wanted to experiment with a different photographic approach.  If you had seen Charlie Hamilton James' programme on Sunday evening "I Brought a Rain Forest" (and if you didn't you should), you would have seen him photographing insects and reptiles on a white background.  I wondered what this would do for my moths, so I decided to give it a go with the morning catch.

Unfortunately the moths were not playing ball, and I only managed to catch a White Ermine, and a single Buff Tip that was probably the same one caught last weekend.  The results though were pretty impressive I think.

The White Ermine.

and the Buff Tip

I will definitely be using this approach in the future, and I hope that later this weekend there will be a few more species about.

On the birds, the House Martins appear to have finished the nest on the neighbours house, and a pair are now giving the old nest on our house some attention.  A Red Kite drifted past the window this afternoon, the first for awhile, and it avoided the camera.

The forecast for the weekend looks mixed with probably Sunday having the best chance of turning up something.  We shall have to see.

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