Sunday, 1 June 2014

1st June - And Others Search In The Dead Of Night

Last night seemed to be perfect for the moth trap, still, mild and overcast, so when I came down in the morning with the sun out it was with some excitement, what had we caught overnight?

First up was the first Cinnabar of the year, it was very alert, and was off almost immediately, fortunately though I managed to get a photograph when it paused on the conifers close by.

Another first for the year was this beautiful Peppered Moth.

This one we had a few weeks ago and I wasn't able to identify it, but an anonymous comment on the blog suggested that it was a Shuttle Shaped Dart.

Next up hiding under the egg boxes was this large moth.

Which turned into this superb Privet Hawkmoth, a first for the garden.

There have been quite a few Buff Tips recently, but this one escaped and showed the wonderful camouflage, while posed on a branch of one of our trees.  It looks just like a broken twig.

This one is a little difficult.  I think it is a Pale Tussock.

This one is a Treble Lines

And finally a lovely marked Small Magpie.

We didn't go out today as there was work to do in the garden. We are normally accompanied by a Robin when we do this, but today the adults were not about, but we did enjoy the company of the juvenile, who has quickly learnt the benefits of gardening.

I had hoped for a stray Swift during the afternoon, but nothing came through.  We were also not the only ones working away.  The House Martins have resumed nest building, and it is now beginning to look a lot more like a nest, and maybe they will finish it an raise some young

As always if you feel I am way off with the moth identification I am always happy for corrections.

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