Friday, 9 November 2012

8th November - I'll be Gone When the Morning Comes

Over the last few days it has been relatively quiet.  A drive around Lyway at the beginning of the week found one Buzzard exploiting the wet fields by catching earthworms, and two more buzzards sitting on telegraph poles along the roadside. 

Tawny Owls have been calling in the night around the house.  At least two individuals could be heard with the "keevit" calls being exchanged.  In the garden the Pied Wagtails are returning, and there are good numbers of Blue and Coal Tits coming to the feeders.

Interestingly the here is a good size flock of Starlings building up, and they can be seen in the morning and at dusk flying around the houses and the trees at the top of Reads Field.  This was part of the group.

This evening while coming home along GradwellLane I saw a Pipistrelle Bat, the first for quite some time, and possibly the last sighting of the year.  Whist the weather is mild today, I see the forecast is for colder weather at the weekend and into next week.  Where are those waxwings!

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  1. Our Rowan is overloaded with berries. Will let you know if any Waxwings arrive as in a few years ago


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