Friday, 13 June 2014

13th June - From the Midnight Sun Where the Hot Springs Flow

Finished publishing the Iceland trip report, and they can be found here with the photographs.  Three posts of a fascinating and wonderful trip.

The conditions yesterday and overnight looked good for moths, so out went the trap, but I must admit to being a little disappointed when I emptied it this morning, although that shouldn't take from those I did find.  

First, one that got away a Large Yellow Underwing, as I tried to take photograph it was off.  Of those that remained there were five Flame Shoulders.

The Ermines have been quite common recently.  This is a Buff Ermine

Similar but much whiter is the White Ermine

The star for me today was this Pale Tussock.  As I moved the moth to photograph it became quite feisty, but also provided a lovely picture.

The antennae give it the look of Terry Thomas (showing my age there!).  After a while it calmed down.

The white background is proving a success, I like the results, lets hope there are some more species over the weekend.  Tonight there is rain about, but maybe Sunday will provide some Father's Day gifts.

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