Friday, 9 March 2012

9th March - Rook, Rook, by Hook or By Crook

Happy Birthday Debbie!

Last night while running I noticed that both Rookeries had settled down, and appeared to now be getting on with the serious business of nesting.  The Jackdaws were no longer hanging around and almost each nest had a sentinel Rook along side it.  Birds could also be seen on the nest and there appeared to be a lot of wing stretching going on, and black wings could be seen hanging out of the nests.

Typically a rookery will have a little overspill with some breakaway nests in trees close by.  In this case I think they are two separate communities as they are a fair distance apart, the attraction of the grazing fields in the vicinity probably determining the suitability of nesting here.

Today I went back to see what it was like during the day, and was surprised to find how quiet it was.  I had thought the Two Acre rookery to be the larger, but was surprised to find that the Garthowen rookery had 19 nests while Two Acres only 14. 

Here is the Garthowen Rookery

and the Two Acres.

I am sure you can see the subtle differences.  A few Rooks were sitting next to the nests and birds could definitely be seen sitting in the nests, perhaps the others were off feeding in the surrounding fields.  The incubation period is 16 to 18 days so we can expect some different behaviour around the end of the month when the eggs begin to hatch.

In the afternoon, I was working in my office when I noticed a group of Jackdaws mobbing something.  As I looked closer I saw that it was a Red Kite.  There ensued a mad dash to grab the camera, and I just managed to capture this shot as the Jackdaws were successful in chasing it off.

Yes it really is a Red Kite!

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