Thursday, 8 March 2012

7th March - A Partridge in Reads Field

Last month when walking across the fields towards Hawthorn Lane I got quite excited when I found a pair of Red-Legged Partridges, I thought they would be a difficult bird, and it was good to get them early for the year.  Imagine then my surprise when this evening, as we set off for a run, this dumpy bullit shape flew over our heads, in the direction of the A31, that was unmistakenly a Red-legged Partridge.  What it was doing here I do not know, it is hardly ideal habitat, and the fact that it was so low must mean it was really lost!  I have seen Pheasant from the garden, but never expected a Partridge.  Here is a picture of the two we saw last month, it is distant, but then they are not that common here despite the many farms and fields.

This week has seen mixed weather, with bright sunshine and some heavy rain.  The two rookerys along Alton Lane show different signs of progress, with the one near to Garthowen garden centre probably not as advanced as the one next to the Two Acres Nursery.  The Jackdaws still hang out with the Rooks, but  head off to roost at around 18.00.  Many of the Rooks from Garthowen go with them, but the Two Acres Rooks seem to stay at the nests.  The calls from both rookerys seem different too, with Two Acrers Rooks apparently calling to mates on the nests from perches close by, while the Garthowen Rooks call as they fly around the rookery itself.

With the lighter evening the birds are still singing when we run.  Today there were plenty of Redwing and Fieldfare flying over, the Robins were singing as usual.  As we turned into Brislands from Gradwell a Bullfinch was calling, this is a very plain call, a weak "piew".  I didn't manage to see the owner though.

Sand Martin and Wheatear have been seen on the south coast, so the migration season is just beginning to start, we will have to wait and see what turns up over the next few months.

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