Monday, 5 March 2012

4th March - Winter Returns

The weather today was horrendous, we had heavy rain in the morning that then turned to sleety snow around midday as you can see from the pictures of the garden. 

There was no opportunity to get out so I put the finshing touch to my other blog, that will keep an update of our trips away from Four Marks.  The link to the new blog is here

With the rain and snow, once again some birds returned to the garden.  Linnets have not been as common this year, but today they were using the feeders as shelter.  The males are also just beginning to get the pink flush on their breasts.

The Collared Doves were also keen to get out of the snow and the pair would alternate between the two covered feeders

The Pied Wagtail was also back, feeding beneath the fat feeders, and for once quite content to let others feed with her too

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