Friday, 29 January 2016

29th January - I Look At Eye Level And It Isn't Enough

It would seem that when ever I have the chance to get out around Four Marks the weather decides to intervene.  That said despite the cold spell in the middle of the month there has been little change in the wildlife, other than more Snowdrops and Daffodils are flowering following the return to the unseasonable mild weather.

This week sees the RSPB Garden Birdwatch, and I could almost predict the species I would see now, the same usual suspects have been appearing, the four species of tit, Great, Coal, Blue and Long-tailed; Goldfinches aplenty, the Blackbirds, two Robins and the the two tiny visitors the Wren and Goldcrest.  This time last year a Blackcap was a regular visitor, but there has not been any sign of one this winter, and the last time a Siskin appeared was back at the start of October.

There was though one quite spectacular visitor this morning, as I watched the feeders the birds scattered, and I was treated to a really close view of the resident Red Kite as it swooped onto some bits of food scattered on the lawn.  It made two passes and each time was too quick, and too close for the camera, but I did manage to get it as it drifted away from me continuing its search for food

There is little sign of the weather changing, strong winds and more rain forecast overnight, and pretty much the case of Press: Play: Repeat through next week, which incredibly is February, where on earth did January go?

With the state of the country side and wildlife around Four Marks so depressing at the moment I have had to raise the spirits by travelling away and getting out and about in Hampshire and surrounding counties.  You can catch up with what I have seen here.  Hopefully normal or at least some different service will return soon.

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