Tuesday, 12 January 2016

11th January - Said You Took a Big Trip

Said you moved away, happened oh so quietly, they say.....

Nothing much has changed the weather still stuck not knowing whether it is spring, summer or autumn, but definitely not winter.  I haven't been out around the patch, I suspect hat little has changed since my last walk on New Year's Day.  The garden has seen the same birds taking advantage of the feeders, with now two wrens to support the two Goldcrests that creep  amongst the shrubs on the bank.

Rain appears to be the constant as well, and heavy showers have rolled in from the south west, bombarding the back windows and leaving patterns on the glass that light up as the sun invariably decides to emerge just as the darkness is about to engulf once again.

I did get down to the south coast this weekend to enjoy the variation in wildlife that brings and you can see what was about here

But all is not lost, it looks like we will be getting a blast of winter towards the end of this week, with temperatures reflecting where they should be at this time of year, and hopefully some clear skies and dry weather.  With those clear skies the stars will look very different tonight, and I will see you in the sky, tonight.

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