Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10th April - Typical Bank Holiday Weather

The weather was awful on Monday, with rain for all of the daylight hours.  What I saw of the garden, the feeders are still an attraction especially for the finches with them being visited by Greenfinches, Linnets and Goldfinches regularly.  The Collared Doves too would be seen perching precariously on the hooded feeders, but this was probably more a chance to get out of the rain.

One thing of note though, it would appear that the Robins are nesting again in my next door neighbours conifer hedge, and it would seem that they now have mouths to feed.  You can see the adults going in an out of a small hole, sometimes taking food from the feeders, time to get some more mealworms.

The bad weather did allow me to get up to date with my "Away From Four Marks" blog, and you can see the latest here

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