Friday, 3 February 2012

2nd February - Lyeway

Once again I decided to drive into Four Marks via the A32 coming in past the Keeper’s Cottages, and then turning off to go through the fields around Lye Way Farm.  It was bright and cold.  This is the first real cold snap of the year, and the temperatures have struggled all day to get above freezing. 

The sun was just setting and the light was a gorgeous glow, and I rued the fact I didn’t have a camera.  Just past the turn off to Four Marks, along Lyeway lane I saw a Buzzard in the trees drop to the floor.  I stopped and it quickly sprung up and flew back into the tree.  Whatever it had seen it was unsuccessful in catching. 

Further along the lane another Buzzard was sitting on the hedge top, taking in the low evening sun.  I approached slowly and was treated to a lovely view, where was that camera!  A slow drive around the farm buildings failed to produce the longed for owl, but as I headed off towards Kitwood, another Buzzard was flushed from the hedgerow.  That was 3, the previous day I had seen one mobbed by crows along Gradwell Lane, so I would guess there are at least 4 pairs in the close area, when extended to the full square who knows 6-7 pairs?

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