Friday, 24 February 2012

Third Time Lucky!

I retreived the camera this morning, and decided to bring it home with a view to finding a new location over the weekend. 

The decision to relocate was based on the fact that there had not been much from the last session.  I hoped that this one would turn up something different and it did.  At last I manged to get two clips of a Badger.  Once again they seem to either hear or see the camera start up and they look straight at it.  The clips were short, but confirm we were right about the owner of the tracks.

As well as the Badger there was a great daylight clip of a Fox and a very close encounter with a male Roe Deer.  The deer has a good set of antlers developing, and as it is so close you can see the velvet covering them as they grow.

The attached video is a compilation of the best clips from the session

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