Monday, 6 February 2012

6th February - Setting the Trap

I had a look in Old Down Wood late afternoon.  At the gateway I could hear Bullfinch, but didn't actually see them until I reached the footpath fork.  One male looking superb, with it's cherry red breast, and two grey females.  As they flew off their white rumps flashed through the trees.

Finch flocks could be heard all through out the tree tops but I couldn't make them out.  After a short walk I headed back to the car.  At the gate the Bullfinches were back, along with a pair of Nuthatches calling to each other.

Went for a run later and the Tawny Owl was calling along Gradwell Lane.  Helen, coming up behind though not only heard it but saw it in Brislands Lane.  It must have come across the field, and flew into the trees.  Disturbing it once again it gave a very close view as she went past.

The snow is almost gone now, and the trap is set...

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