Tuesday, 24 January 2012

23rd January - Night Visitor

I decided to take a short detour coming home to check out the farm at Lye Way.  I am convinced this is good for Little Owl, so I drove along the lane slowly listening to see if I could hear any calls.  Unfortunately my instincts did not prove right, but I will continue to look in the hope that I am right.  The detour did not prove a complete waste of time, as I did flush a Kestrel from the hedgerow, and it then flew alongside me down the lane, and further on towards Kitwood I found a Yellowhammer on the wires.  My total is now over 50!

When I got home I decided to check the camera I have in the garden on the pond, we have had some good clips of a wood mouse using the area around the pond.  Here is one of the best clips I have managed to capture todate, who knows I might yet get to see the Tawny Owls!

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