Friday, 20 January 2012


This year I intend to document the birds and wildlife around the village I live in. Four Marks is a village on the A31 south west of Alton in Hampshire. I have centred the patch on OS grid 6934, and taken a 5 x 5 kilometre square, which allows me to include Old Down Wood in the west, and a significant portion of Chawton Park Wood in the north. Rotherfield estate just makes it in on the south eastern corner of the square, while I can also have the opportunity to explore some of the farmland to the south of Medstead where I have never been before.

The main habitats are woodland and farmland. The woodland is mainly beech, with also good larch plantations in both Old Down and Chawton woods. There is one sizeable pond at Swelling Hill, but this could not be considered as a major wetland area. I am hopeful that the breeding season, and migration during the sprig will turn up some interesting species, but overall I think the start birds will be the raptors, with red kite, and hobby being the star attraction, but who knows I may find nightjar and woodcock, which would be really special. Overall If I achieve 75 species I will be very pleased, I will also document and track the number of butterflies that we are able to find, and of course anything else of general interest.

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