Wednesday, 30 May 2012

29th May - Would You Believe It!

I have continually talked up the possibility of a rare flyover this Spring, all around me there have been sightings of raptors, but nothing has ventured my way, until this evening that is.  While having a birthday celebration with the family, a search for a calling young robin proved unsuccessful, but my daughter then asked what were these two birds flying over.  Two large raptors were drifting in on a lazy flight from the south right over the house.  I knew immediately what they were, but had no time to get the camera. 

These were two Ospreys, their flight is distinctive, the wings held back as they flew over, and then as they headed north you could clearly see the dihedral angle the wings are held at as they undertake a relaxing flight.  An amazing patch tick, something which I had given up on, but secretly always thought there was a chance of.  The camera will have to be ready for when they return in the Autumn!  In the meantime here are two I watched last year on the west coast of Canada.

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