Monday, 8 August 2016

7th August - Time is Driftin', This Rock Has Got to Roll

We have been away for the last two week walking in the Dolomites in Northern Italy, as always the details of which will gradually appear in My Away Blog over the course of the coming week, the first instalment though is now available here.

We returned late on Friday evening, and with the good weather over Saturday I decided that Saturday evening into Sunday would be a good time to chance the moth trap once again.

However as we all know the weather changed overnight, and we had overcast conditions with rain showers, so once again the moth trap was bare....almost.  There were two nice additions to this years list.

First out was a lovely Black Arches.

And apart from the odd Shuttle shaped Dart, and a few Grass Waves I thought that was it, but I went back to put the trap away later and found another outside the trap on the ground.

This is a Leopard Moth.  The weather looks set to be fair at the end of the week, so hopefully I should get a better return then.

We also came back to a very quiet garden, with no meal worms and the feeders empty it there were no birds to be seen.  So I am not sure what has happened to the Blackbird, I can only hope he is still safe, and the feathers are repairing, we shall have to see over the next few days.  This time of year is usually when the birds disappear from the garden to undergo moult, this year is the first for a while when we have been around, normally we go later in August.

Despite the good weather Saturday and Sunday, I couldn't really face a walk this weekend, but I am sure that normal service will return over the course of the next few days, in the mean time there are the posts from the Dolomites.

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