Friday, 12 August 2016

12th August - You Look Smart, But I Don't Care

Its been a week since we returned from the Dolomites, and I am catching up on the details and photographs from the trip.  Consequently, that, the weather to a degree, and also of course work have kept me away from the patch.  I am hoping that I can get out over the weekend when the weather is set to be fair, and once again the chance to find that elusive Common Blue.

The garden to start with was very quiet, the feeders having been empty for probably quite a while.  We picked up some mealworms, but at first hey just sat there, then slowly the birds started to return, and by the middle of the week along with the usual suspects the Goldfinches, and Blackbirds, we had the Nuthatch back, two Siskins, the Blue Tits in the bird bath, and the family of Long-tailed Tits.  Today there was also four juvenile Greenfinches along with two adults feeding on the sunflower seeds.

A Red Kite also drifted over the house around mid day, the first for awhile.

The one visitor we were looking out for though was the male Blackbird with the really tatty feathers, or "Fluffy" as he became known.  As a reminder this is what he looked like at the start of July.

This morning there was a male Blackbird that came to the meal worm basket and fed with the same behaviour that Fluffy had, he then visited the bird bath and I was able to get some pictures.

From the feeding behaviour, and the grey patches around the bill, we feel this is Fluffy, and it would seem that he has managed to moult the poor feathers, and has grown new ones. The main flight feathers were never the problem it was mostly the body feathers.

When he flew to the fence I had a better chance to look at him, and he definitely looks better.

Although the feathers around the eye and bill look a little concerning.

We shall just have to keep an eye out for him, not much we will be able to do though.

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