Sunday, 26 June 2016

26th June - Look What We Have Done

With weather still awful, and not conducive to getting out, once again the garden turned out to be the focus of attention.  There have been many young birds through this week.  Two juvenile Robins have been fighting for territory underneath the feeders, this competitive approach kicking in already, but this will be important come the winter.

The Blackbirds were busy, this is one of the fluffy male Blackbirds young.

It sits on the fence waiting for the parents to supply food.  Although it has taken an interest in the live mealworms I have bought.

I have seen young Goldfinches using the feeders, and drinking in the bird baths, and there are also a few young House Sparrows that hide themselves away in the trees or the Leylandii hedge.  I was surprised though to see a juvenile Blue Tit using the feeder eating the sunflower hearts.

The House Martins now have young calling from the nests under the eaves, and all the Starlings have fledged.  Twice in the week I have seen the Red Kite drifting over the houses and my garden, its head down and scanning the gardens for scraps.

I tried the moth trap once again, with similar results its previous outings, Hebrew Characters, a Brimstone, a couple of Small Waves and a Buff Tip.  Where are all the Hawkmoths?

With very little about locally, on Saturday I travelled once again out into the county in search of some specialities, you can catch up with the details here.

The week has seen torrential rain and thunderstorms, and the political thunderstorm that is Brexit.  The week ahead weather wise looks much the same with more storms and heavy rain, as for the political forecast it continues to look even more disastrous after the country decided to commit suicide without any consideration for the younger generations in the forlorn hope of "getting our country back".

Weather wise many of the days end after the storms with skies like these as the sun comes out, unfortunately as things stand I see no silver lining politically.

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