Thursday, 16 June 2016

16th June - One Step, Two Step...

The weather has continued to be awful, heavy showers and dark overcast skies.  I had hoped to get out one evening but the weather decided it had other plans.  This morning watching the garden I saw the partially leucistic male House Sparrow singing from the roof top opposite.

You can see the white flecks on the head, and the white plumage on the chest and the belly where this would normally be grey with black flecks coming down from the black under the bill.

A Snow Sparrow?  It really stands out from the other male birds when they are alongside each other.

As well as the House Sparrows there has been a male Siskin still visiting the feeders and the bird bath, this is the first time I have seen them in June

From the House Sparrow I turned my attention to the Foxgloves we planted a few weeks ago.  I am sure that the Foxgloves are putting on a good show in the woods, but as yet haven't had the chance to check them so far this month.

Our Foxgloves though were the centre of attention from a few Bumblebees

Even through the rain we could see the bees moving in and out of the bells, so these Foxgloves look to be an invaluable addition to the garden.

There seems to be a definite increase in the number of House Martins around the houses in Reads Field, and they are continually buzzing low over the houses and garden.  A challenge then.

Sometimes hanging just below the eaves where there are nests, then just dropping at speed and twisting and turning.

They also interact in the air, calling and flying close together.  Not the sharpest of shots, but does demonstrate the speed at which they can twist and turn, while chattering away to each other

Lets hope that the weather is a little more amiable at the weekend, and that I get the chance to get out, I am sure there will have been some changes.  But for now I have to make do with the garden, and the last day of the web cams on Springwatch.

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