Friday, 8 August 2014

7th August - A Short Note

This afternoon I was considering the birds and butterflies that I have so far this year not managed to see, and wondered ion the chances of doing so.  

Hobby has been absent so far as have Spotted Flycatcher and Redstart, there will though be a good opportunity to find these in September as the height of the migration season starts.

Of the butterflies the missing species this year are the migratory ones.  Painted Lady has not been regular, and since starting this blog I have not seen one at all around the patch, but I live in hope.  The other, the Clouded Yellow was a first find last year, and with plenty of sightings along the south coast in the warm weather I did think we would have seen one by now.  

Fast forward to the evening, and while I am cutting the grass, I notice a bright yellow butterfly coming through the garden.  It was definitely not a Brimstone, the yellow was too orange, and as it carried on past me I could see it was a Clouded Yellow.  Funny old game!

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