Sunday, 15 September 2013

14th September - Just in case...

It had been a strange day, with some drizzle and rain, but also some calm moments.  Early in the morning there was sun in Four Marks, but when we arrived in Oxford it was very cold and cloudy.  Back in Four Marks in the afternoon I decided to have a quick walk, just in case the weather we are forecast on Sunday keeps us in.

It was dry, but cloudy as I set off, and as I turned the corner on Lymington Rise I noticed the ivy has started to flower, and was proving a big attraction to wasps.  There were a few flys as well, but the majority of insects were wasps.  It must have been too cold for bees.

I decided to have a look at the development land on Brislands.  The grass is still quite long, and all the thistles have gone to seed.  As a result I expected top find Goldfinches, but there were none.  I scanned the field, and noticed some small birds at the back of the field in the trees, so decided to walk over.  As I set off, I heard movement in the grass, and two Roe Deer exploded out of the area in front of me.  They shot off, then stopped to look at me.

They look like a mother and fawn, probably from this year, they are quite close to the main road and houses though.

When I reached the trees I couldn't find any birds, so I walked back, checking the felt mats as I went, but there was nothing of interest under them.

I walked down Brislands, and checked the field that had been treated with cow muck.  I had hoped there would be some swallows, but there was nothing.  As I walked towards the wood though, a Meadow Pipit called as it flew over.

The wood was deadly quiet, and on reaching the cross roads I turned towards the Gradwell exit.  I found these puffballs by the side of the path.  They are Stump Puffballs and grow in areas of old tree stumps and branches.

As I came out of the wood I noticed Swallows over the trees.  I stood and watched them for a while, but I could only see swallows, mostly young ones identifiable by their short tails.

As I crossed the field I could hear a warbler calling in the elder bush.  I waited and managed to get some quick views, from the colour, I think there was more chance it was a Willow Warbler rather than a Chiffchaff.

I walked around the field, and heard a Blackcap in sub song, and there was a Blue Tit and Great Tit in the bushes.  I walked across the field and path towards Lymington Bottom, I haven't been this way for awhile, and it has some potential with lots of bushes and ivy for autumn warblers, we shall have to see.  It was quite dull now so I headed back home, hopefully the weather will oblige in the morning and there might al;so be something about.

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