Friday, 13 September 2013

12th September - Like Swallows in An Evening Sky

A short post today as it looks like the weather over the next few days is going to restrict any serious opportunity to get out around the patch.  

On Tuesday I pointed out that some of the fields were being spread with muck, and that hopefully this would provide a big attraction to the swallows and martins as they start to move thorough the area just like last year.  While out this evening as we made our way up Gradwell Lane we were greeted by a large group of Swallows and House Martins flying over the field and close to the trees that line the edge of the Lane.  I estimated there to be around fifty plus, but it was possible there were more over the field, which I couldn't see.  The field by Gradwell has not been treated yet, so it maybe that he insects around the trees was the attraction, or they have come in because of the other fields and spread out.  I will have to see if we get a calm spell over the weekend if the numbers do increase, and hopefully I can find that elusive Sand Martin.

For those who are spending the weekend indoors surfing due to the weather, our Namibia posts are now all complete, you can find them all here

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