Wednesday, 10 July 2013

7th July - Who would have believed it,,,,

After the events of this afternoon, we decided to relax in the garden and enjoy the summer evening.  It has been a long time coming, and lets hope it stays for awhile.  Sitting on the patio I can't help but keep scanning the sky, as mostly Wood Pigeons fly over.  In the afternoon there had been a buzzard over the house, but at 19.45 I noticed a small fast flying bird that turned out to be my first Hobby of the year.  No photographs, but a significant enough bird to record the event as a post.  The House Martins have been very active all around Reads Field all day, and I half hoped one would put in a appearance I was proven right.  It didn't stay long, but was good enough to record what is becoming an annual bird around the patch.

As well as the Hobby I also managed to see yet another Swift.  This is the latest record I have had in Four Marks, and who knows if the good weather stays I may be able to even beat it again.  Enjoy the sunshine for now....

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