Saturday, 27 July 2013

27th July - It Was Only a Matter of Time ...

I have been toying with the idea for some time now, but this week I finally took the plunge.  This afternoon the package arrived and I rapidly put it all together despite a few problems with the light bulb.

I now have a moth trap, and last night I set it up in the garden.  I was a bit worried as the forecast was for rain in the morning, but it was fine, and when I went out to it this morning there were plenty of moths in the box.

These are some of the best that I caught, but believe me identifying some of them is very difficult, but then that is the attraction.  It does open up a whole new world though, I won't have it on every night, but hopefully most weekends, and pretty soon the common moths will become obvious, and I will just wait for that fantastic Hawk Moth.

A Common Footman


A Leopard Moth, there were two of these gorgeous moths

An Early Thorn, that sits like a butterfly with the wings held up

A Small Rivulet

I don't know what this is I can't find it yet, but if anyone can help

A Buff Ermine, there were four of these in the trap

A beautiful Buff Arches

I love the names the moths have, this is a Grey Dagger, its grey with daggers on it!

Another fascinating name, a Heart and Dagger.

This is a Peppered Moth, again the name describes it wonderfully

I love the feathery antennae

and finally this tiny moth only has a latin name Yponomeuta Cagnagella, but is one of a group of ermels, or small ermines

Wonderful stuff, and hopefully some amazing and beautiful moths to come.

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