Friday, 8 March 2013

8th March - It's Raining Again

When I left the country on Monday afternoon, the sun was out and it felt like Priong was definitely on the way.  I was looking forward to coming home to sunshine and hopefully the chance to explore the patch on Friday afternoon.  The week was spent in the warm with Barn and Red-rumped Swallows flying past the hotel, and swifts all around the airport.  At the office Hadida and Sacred Ibis could be seen on the lawns.  It felt like the winter was gone.

Reality hit like a sledgehammer as I returned to Heathrow this morning.  There was thick fog to start followed by heavy rain that never stopped.  I didn't get the walk, but I did pop up to the pond to see if there was any movement of Toads and Frogs to spawn.  There was nothing.  All I managed was this bunch of daffodils and many rain drops creating rings on the water.

As I write this now I can hear Robins and Blackbirds singing, at least they are trying.  It stay lighter now into evening, but that means nothing if it keeps raining.  The forecast for next week is for it to turn colder with possible snow on Monday, oh well...

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