Saturday, 16 March 2013

16th March - And Send It Soaring High Above You

The rain from last night was still with us in the morning, and it was heavy.  The morning started with me finally capturing the Wood Mouse in the loft.  I took it to the entrance at to Old down along Brislands and let it go.  It squeaked at me as I let I go, which I thought a little mean when the alternative could have been the little nipper!  I thought about a photo, but it was too wet, and it went like a bullet when I let it go.

The intention today was to go down to Titchfield haven, and I waited for the rain to ease before setting off.  When I did it was still raining but not as hard as earlier in the morning.  Hawthorn Lane was very wet and flooded in places, the water was also covering up the potholes which made it quite interesting.  As I came up to Plain Farm I noticed a large raptor over the trees, and then another.  I pulled over and could see that they were both Red Kites, the first time I have seen more than one on the patch.  I got out of the car, and manged to get a picture of one as it flew over me.

I waited and the second bird appeared and drifted towards the other, and they then circled above the trees and field.

As both Kites circled a Buzzard came into view, and joined the circling Kites above the field, giving me the opportunity to get a photograph of Red Kites and a Buzzard.  I have seen Sparrowhawk and Buzzard, but this was a bit special, with the Kites being the more numerous!

They drifted away, and I resumed my journey to Titchfield, details of which are here.

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  1. Fantastic to know we have a pair of kites at last as I have only ever seen one. Love the photo of Morris in his tree, so clear. Jill


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