Tuesday, 29 December 2015

29th December - Evening Shadows Now Grow Dim

It had been a mixed day of weather, starting with rain, then some lovely winter sunshine.  I had some time late in the afternoon, and decided to head to Newtown Farm to see if there was any sign of either a Barn Owl or maybe a Little Owl.  As I drove up the lane I disturbed a flock of 25 Linnet that came out of the edge of the field.

As I walked down the road towards the barns I noticed a Buzzard sitting on a post in the middle of the field.

There were plenty of Pied Wagtails around the cattle as they lined up to be milked.  I walked towards the open barn, on either side of the path there werer more Linnets, and in the trees and bushes a flock of 12 Chaffinches.

I walked slowly to the end of the path, scanning the fields but all was very quiet.  A single Blackbird appeared on the wires overhead, and rattled out an alarm call, but I could see why, maybe like me it wanted to provide some interest.

I walked up and down twice hoping something might appear, but nothing did.  As I walked back to the cows, the Pied Wagtails were gathering on the roof.  In the gloom I found 13 birds, they seem to be able to hide quite well on the grey roof.  Two though did appear on the corner and I was able to photograph them.

I have had reports of the Barn Owl being seen around the golf course, my thought was it came from Newtown Farm.  But as I drove slowly back I realised that there are plenty of old buildings and barns around it could have come quite easily from anywhere around there.

Nothing today, but always worth a look, I headed home as the evening shadows turned to complete darkness.

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