Monday, 27 July 2015

26th July - Daylight Deals a Bad Hand

It just seems that when I have had the opportunity to get out around Four Marks the weather has played a really bad hand.  This week I was in Germany where the weather was very hot, and I was treated to a spectacular thunderstorm Wednesday evening.  When I returned to the UK and the possibility of a walk on Friday it just rained continually all day.  It hasn't all been bad news and true to my 2015 commitment I have been getting out and about around Hampshire and surrounding areas, the full details of these trips over the last few weeks can be seen here.  Some really good butterflies over the last two weeks.

Back at home the garden feeders have become busy with Goldfinch and Greenfinch families making their way through the sunflower seeds at a rapid rate.  The mealworms have now been stopped as those feeding on them have disappeared from the garden. 

I did put the moth trap out Saturday night in the hope that I could get to it before the rain came, but this did not work out.  There were a few moths present, One of which was a first for the year, an Early Thorn.

As well as the Early Thorn there were two Poplar Hawk Moths, always a treat to see.

There are some indications that there might be some settled weather about this week so hopefully I can have something a little more interesting to report on.

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