Wednesday, 10 June 2015

9th June - She Couldn't Help But See

Another dry but cold and very windy day.  The winds have been from the north east, and with them there has been a fair bit of cloud.  s I drove home I debated the value of going out for an evening walk, too cold for butterflies and my search for the Roe Deer Family has not been that rewarding just recently.

When I got home I decided to cut the lawn, and forego the walk, and when I had finished that I went back inside.  It turned out there was no power, so as a result I decided to pop out anyway, but driving to the pond and to just walk around the area where the deer have been seen.  As I walked from the pond car park, once again on the open lawn a pair of Mistle Thrush were searching the grass for food.

As I walked into the wood I could hear a Great Spotted Woodpecker calling, and from the repeated calls I assumed it must be a young bird begging to the parent.  I took the perimeter path and as I came into the open there was a large Ash tree, and on the trunk was the fledgling Woodpecker.

As I watched the adult, a female appeared on a dead branch of the tree called back.

The Young bird came close and there seemed to be a squabble but I think it was just the young one taking food.  The adult then flew off and the youngster flew to a broken branch.

Instinct kicked in, and it started to peck at the broken wood, but not really with any conviction.  It spent most of the time calling and looking around the tree.

It stayed there for awhile before the adult called again from behind it and it turned and flew off.

I turned my attention now to the field.  There was no activity in the Kestrel nest, but the male did fly through the wood.  At the other side of the field I picked up on a doe Roe Deer close to the far fence.

She was eating the leaves on the bushes in the wood while either lying or standing in the field.

I made my way around the path in the hope of getting a closer view, or maybe even a glimpse of the kids.  As I came out into an area with a better view she was sitting looking out across the field.

The noise of the camera caught her attention and she turned towards me and the source of the sound.

I made my way around closer to her, but she heard me and ran back towards the other fence.  I watched her go but there was no sign of any kids at all.  What I did realise was that the grass is deceptively long, and that it stands about the height of her shoulder, so if the kids are out there they will be completely covered and well hidden.

I walked a couple of circles around the wood, and caught up once again with the woodpeckers, this time in an Oak tree.  You can see the adult, this time a male hammering away at the wood while the young bird sits and waits to be fed.

I checked both the field and the Kestrel once again but there was no change, nothing was about so I thought I would head off home, hopefully the power would be back on.  Unfortunately it wasn't!

I am getting closer, today the doe in the field, who knows what next.  What I do know though is it will not be long before the field is cut for hay.

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