Friday, 4 April 2014

4th April - Blue Whale!

Last night looked perfect for the moth trap, still, overcast and relatively mild.  When I visited it this morning there had also been a little bit of rain, but this did not seem to have had any effect.

The trap was very full, there were 32 Lunar Underwings, and 12 Small Quakers, and 4 Hebrew Characters, all moths that have been about and caught recently.  There were some new ones as well, the most striking and frustrating being an Early Thorn, and new moth for me.  There were two, and when I struggled to get the first one out, it annoyingly flew off.  Never mind I thought, there is another, but then that flew off too!

Here is an image I pulled from the internet so you get a feel for what flew away.

This is an Early Grey.  There were 4 of these in the trap.

Only one of this rather nondescript but new moth a Turnip Moth.

The pick though was not inside the trap, I found it sitting on the outside, a beautiful rustic colour, with striking white spots.  This is a Pine Beauty, a lovely looking moth with a pristine appearance.

Thats all for now, off to practice the David Attenborough impresions.

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