Thursday, 20 December 2012

20th December - I'm Not Proud to Say

The weather has been absolutely horrendous, and the birds have been hiding away, I am hoping that there will be a break that allows me to get out to see if anything different is about before the end of the year.

I am proud to say though that one of my photographs has been chosen as "Photo of the Month" in the BBC Wildlife magazine.  The picture is of the Purple Throated Mountaingem taken in Costa Rica this year.  The actual picture is the second one into this post on the visit to Bajos del Toro.  If you don't get chance to read the magazine, try it as it is one of the best.

Fingers crossed for the weekend.


  1. Well well, had received my copy of Wildlife in the post but hadn't had a chance to read much. Just flicked through to your pic..well done mate! I could pick a few more from your blog this year to add to that. Lets hope for a brief respite over christmas so we can all get out to appreciate our wonderful natural world.
    Have a peacefull time..all the best to you Helen and all your family :)


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