Friday, 27 July 2012

25th July - Everbody's Happy

Another dry day with lots of sunshine, and the temperature rising quickly in the morning.  Early on I noticed some movement around the bird bath, and thought at first it might be mice, but looking closer I could see that they were juvenile Greenfinch picking up food on the fround below the bird bath.

Other juvenile birds in the garden seemed to be making the most of the sun, probably because they have only experienced the wet and cool weather.  This young Blackbird had just had a bath, and was enjoying the sunshine to dry out.

As well as these two, we are now seeing lemon coloured Blue Tits using the feeders and also the bird baths, and the Robins are now back looking quite splendid in their new feathers. 

The young House Martins are becoming much nosier too, and are now being fed much more often.  I am hoping they will start to look out of the nest soon, and that the nest is strong enough to last until they fledge.

This afternoon there was a considerable amount of alarm calls coming from the House Martins, and when I went out I saw that they were mobbing a couple of young Magpies that were on the lawn opposite.  The calls and the dive bombing eventuially chased the Magpies off, and the House Martins returned to their feeding duties

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